Saturday, November 15, 2014

A week of curls!

I've been slowly getting better at wet sets, and the set from this week was the best one I've done so far. Letting my hair dry completely in the rollers is a difficult thing to do, but is very crucial to a good set. This week, I actually remembered to chronicle the cycle of the set. From still wet to the last remnants of the curl, I have pictures to document it. 
One: The set. With damp hair sprayed with Lottabody setting lotion, I rolled all of the top layer under with medium rollers, except for the two center most pieces on the right side of my head. Those were medium rollers I rolled up instead of under. I also rolled them all the way to the base of the hair instead of stopping at the top of my ear like the top rollers on the sides of my head. The top rollers on the back were gradually graded slowly lower than the ones on the sides. 
     The next row is made up of the small sized rollers rolled up. The row below that was made using the small rollers rolled under. I continued in this fashion until I ran out of hair. 
     It is also noted that I rolled my hair around 5pm on Sunday, giving it plenty of time to dry before I unrolled it at 7:45 Monday morning. 
Two: The curls were very tight at first, so I raked my fingers through the curls until I got this:
It was a little wild at first, but by the time I got to work it settled down to be exactly what I've been trying to achieve! 
Day 1 Hair:
By the time I got home from work and put a decorative bobby pin in it, it was even better:

A few hours after that, it was even better:

I felt very glamorous Monday night. This is exactly the kind of result I wanted most of the times I've been rolling my hair. 

That night, I wrapped my hair in a square scarf to preserve the curls. 

Day 2 Hair: 
I don't have many comments from Tuesday, other than I didn't even comb my hair or run my fingers through it Tuesday morning. 

Day 3 hair:
I don't have much comment on Wednesday's hair either, other than I was pleased with how it fell. I think I may have combed it slightly, but not much. 

Day 4 hair: 

I combed my hair slightly on Thursday and pinned it back. I also wore a very 40s inspired outfit too, but I forgot to get a picture. Oops! 

Day 5 hair: 
Instead of turning into waves like I expected it to, my hair actually reformed into ringlets. 
Side note, it was 19 degrees Friday morning, so I bundled up with a hat that reminded me of vintage advertising:
I really loved how my curls were the perfect height to pop out from underneath the tabogan. 

That is my week with the same wet set! My Saturday hair was really nothing to report. I just used a headscarf and pulled it back into a high bun. Tomorrow I'll start the process over again. 

A brief note:
Yes, you can totally shower or take a bath with your curls. Just make sure to wear a shower cap (or scarf if you're in the bath). 

In closing and how this came about:
I really like this setting pattern, and will probably stick with it for a while. I stumbled onto it by accident when helping a friend with her Halloween hair and makeup. The only pack of foam rollers she could find was a multipack, so I had to improvise my previous setting advice. What we came up with was this:
Shoutout and thank you to Mer for all her help. I loved how it turned out and couldn't help but try it too. This was how my first attempt turned out:

I really liked it, but I think I really improved this week. 

That's all for now! 

-Adventures of a Fashionista Geek 

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