Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I know, I know, I'm terrible at this!

It seems that I've either been too busy to post, or had time, but nothing about which to post as of late. There are a few projects that I completed that I wanted to get better pictures of before I posted here as well. Either way, I think I'm going to make sure I have a post at least once a week no matter what. Also, exciting news, I'll be going on a costumed adventure this weekend, so hopefully pictures will soon follow! I promise I'll get better at this posting thing. Really, this time.

Until the next post (hopefully containing real substance),


Friday, May 2, 2014

Photoshoot for the hair

I got a haircut back in January, and it was planned, so I had a photo shoot to capture my long hair before it disappeared. I got the capelet when I was at the Ren Fest in the fall. I love it. The corset is from Orchard Corset.

Royal gown

Instead of actually catching up on old projects in order, I'm going to finish the purple and creme Ren Fest dress. There is an additional piece to the bottom, but I haven't gotten a picture of it yet. At least it's ready for the next Ren Fest!

Yikes! It's been a while.

So, I thought I had been posting, but apparently I'd only been posted on my Facebook blog page instead. This was from Ren Fest back in the fall. I didn't get my outfit finished in time so this is what I came up with.