Thursday, December 20, 2012


I'm connecting a pinterest account to this blog so in between projects you can still see what inspires me, and can get a sense of the kind of  things I'm interested in and will be doing.  I hope this is entertaining enough while I'm working on projects. Enjoy! :)

My Disappearing Act

Yes, yes. I'm aware that I have been gone for quite some time. I started working shortly after I started this blog and haven't worked on the project much. I am about to be finished with the desk and will post pictures soon. I also will hopefully have additions to the fashion category. In the next month or two I'll hopefully be rebuilding a couch too, but I still need the foam. Hopefully I will actually start posting regularly. My apologies for my absence.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

More Desk Progress

The day I started this project was very dry. Like record breaking dry, so the fact that I got the three coats of the first section of the desk done in about two hours, give or take, may not be accurate on a normal day. I sort of lucked out. Honestly, the thing that was most time consuming was putting the tape out for the sections. If I were just painting the whole thing white I'd be finished by now. At any rate, here are the pictures for the next section I finished, also on the extremely dry day.
 I'm painting the inside of the drawers, or the underside of the desk cubby. Whatever you call it. So far I've only done the lid, I'll do the inside of this section when I paint the legs. They will be next.
 The desk so far, but without the top drawer.

The desk with drawer as it is right now. I'm going to make the legs and the underside of that drawer flap area the same color. I didn't take a picture, but the inside of that top drawer is painted too. After I put the drawer in I realized that little panel between the top drawer and the top surface should also be painted before I switch colors. The drawer, all the flat surfaces, and the little flat spaces at the top of the legs will be painted white. More pictures after I complete the next step.

Now for Desk Progress!

This is the first section of the desk I painted. I'm using an Annie Sloan color called Provence. Warning up front, the paint is expensive, but it has been working well, and has been a fun experiment.
Now for the pictures.
 Ignore my shaky reflection in the first one. If you can discern anything from it, I completely own up to my painting clothes and messy hair.

Fourth of July sales papers definitely came in handy here.

The Desk

More Angles of the desk.

New Desk Project

I got this desk from a friend, and decided to practice furniture painting skills on it. I will document the steps this desk takes as it goes from the picture shown here to its new self.